TAG Heuer and T. H. Baker

Founded in 1888, T. H. Baker has been a leading family owned jeweller and authorised dealer for generations. As a company we have 130 years experience in the industry, so we can assure our customers that they can buy from us with complete confidence. Now specialising in Second hand jewellery and pre-owned watches, T. H. Baker is the place to go to purchase that iconic luxury timepiece.

Although we have stocked pre-owned watches in T. H. Baker stores for many years, our online space is where we hold the greatest selection for you and your loved ones to choose from. We have stock of TAG Heuer watches in our second hand watch collection here at T. H. Baker. From completely unworn watches, to classic investment pieces laced in rose gold, there’s the perfect pre owned TAG Heuer for everyone. With their pioneering watches, specially designed to fit style and practicality, TAG Heuer produce classic look watches they are renowned for.

From the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch to a TAG Heuer Carrera Watch, we have a range of stunning iconic Pre-Owned TAG Heuer Watches, showcasing the finest in luxury Swiss craftsmanship. With their timepieces tastefully crafted with high-precision in mind, they offer a more modern feel than our other brands in our selection of second hand watches. TAG Heuer is sure to have the perfect smart watch and classic timepiece for everyone in the family. Founded in 1860, TAG Heuer has always focused on strap and pocket watches, making them one of the oldest Swiss watch makers.

As the company went on throughout the years, each milestone was achieved with huge success that has allowed TAG Heuer to be the name that we know of today. TAG Heuer also has many connections and partnerships that have helped the company grow its name and image. Working with huge name’s such as Ryan Gosling, Patrick Dempsey and Petra Kvitova, as well as having partnerships with Porsche, Red Bull racing in Formula 1 and other sport events in golf and Tennis. At T. H. Baker we pride ourselves in the quality of our second hand watch collection and it would be inadequate of us not to include a selection TAG Heuer watches for both him and her. With there being no better place to look for your very own TAG Heuer watch.

With Tag Heuer’s range of men’s and women’s watches being relatively similar, the main difference between each collection is that the women’s watches are smaller in size and tend to include more intricate details in comparison to the men’s collections.

Here at T. H. Baker, our pre owned watches are inspected to authenticate the piece to ensure the item is being sold at the highest standard possible. When you purchase your dream second hand watch at T. H. Baker, all watches come with a manufactures guarantee giving you the confidence you need to purchase the perfect timepiece, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. Shop online at T. H. Baker or come into your nearest store and asked about our Second hand TAG Heuer collection.

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