What is the main function of LMS in social care?

There are several different functions to a Learning Management System (LMS) that offer benefits to the social care sector.  We know that Social care is an extremely busy sector to work in and when you factor in managing a team of care workers and residents into the mix, considering or implementing a Learning Management System potentially falls to the bottom of your priority list.

Here are some top reasons you need an LMS in your social care organisation

Your care staff will have the ability to have full control over their e-Learning within your own LMS. Gone are the days of ‘classroom’ style training, your staff can manage their own Continued Professional Development and choose when and where they do their e-Learning for health and social care, keeping them engaged and motivated throughout their Learning and Development journey. An LMS will still deliver the same quality face-to-face learning that your Social Care organisation is used to, but in one easy to manage, intuitive system. One of the key features an LMS can offer your care organisation is the ability to incorporate various different elements of learning modules, allowing a more blended approach to support your Learning and Development strategy.

One of the most important functions of an LMS for your care organisation is that your reporting will be on-demand and easier for you to generate than collating excels spreadsheets and/or paperwork. This will be vital when it comes to having inspections or when you need to monitor the overall status of your learners. This way you can fill in the gaps when it comes to auditing your Learning and Development, allowing you to efficiently upskill and empower your team.

With a powerful LMS within Social Care, you will not be limited to static or out of date courses, but instead you can create and utilise current, engaging and interactive courses that compliment your social care environment. This generally means that courses will have a better engagement rate and help boost your learning and development efforts.

When it comes to identifying the main benefits of LMS within social care, there is one main function which should not be missed off is that most LMS’ are able to integrate successfully with other systems you may already use. This could mean one place where you can monitor learning and development, whilst having control over care staff rotas, HR systems and resident’s information.

In conclusion, an LMS delivers powerful features and functions that can and will provide additional benefits to your social care organisation. The right LMS will truly compliment your organisation’s Learning and Development toolkit and add a layer of professionalism, standardisation and quality when organising and delivering your organisations learning opportunities.

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