THC vs Cbd pain relief: Which one is better?

People with arthritis and other chronic pain conditions such as musculoskeletal pain are turning to cannabis products for relief. A recent survey of people showed that more people had tried cannabis or cbd to relieve pain.

While la ferme du cbd may be complex and each variety has a different chemical structure, almost all have at least one of two medically significant compounds: tetrahydrocannabinol /THC and Cannabidiol’s /cbd.

THC, also known as marijuana’s psychoactive component, is responsible for the “high” experienced by users. This may also contribute to pain relief. Although cbd doesn’t typically cause an intoxicating feeling like marijuana, some research suggests that it could help alleviate arthritis symptoms.

Both of these chemicals show the potential to reduce pain, but in different manners. You can choose to use a product with cbd, THC, and/or both. This could impact the quality of your pain relief.

Here are some opinions from experts about the differences in cbd and THC as regards pain relief.

How cbd or thc might offer pain relief

Cbd and THC activate a variety of cannabinoid hormone receptors in your brain that can stimulate or block brain chemicals and cause some effects.

THC activates a few cannabinoid receptacles. One is in the nerve cell and one is in immune cells. He states that when the receptor is activated in the nerve cells.

How cbd can help you with anxiety

Scientists believe cbd can help alleviate anxiety. This, in turn could alter someone’s perceptions of pain and possibly make them more comfortable. The research is still being done and it’s far too early to draw conclusions.

Cbd may also provide pain relief in more tangible ways. The bottom line: THC seems more powerful in affecting the mind’s perception of pain, while cbd may have an effect on pain relief at the local level.

Which is better for pain relief? THC or cbd?

There is no consensus on the issue of cbd and THC being used for pain relief. Federal government considers cannabis still a schedule-1 drug. This law limits the amount of research possible.

Justcbdmagasin says that she believes that cbd and THC combined offer the greatest promise for pain relief.

To the greatest extent that we have data, it’s unlikely either thc/cbd alone is going to be particularly helpful for pain. She suggested that the combination of both thc and cbd is likely to be effective. We are only speculating at the moment. However, cbd might have anti-inflammatory qualities while THC may help us to better manage pain.

Cbd and THC: side effects and legal concerns

But, not everyone might want to use THC. THC can be illegal in some places, and others may not want the psychoactive effects. To test cbd for pain relief, you might want to experiment with it.

It’s important to think about the potential side effects before trying either substance. Side effects of cbd are nausea, fatigue, or irritability. The interaction of cbd with certain medications such as blood thinners can either increase or decrease their bloodstream levels.

THC comes with its own side effects. These include increased appetite, increased heartbeat, coordination problems. Dry mouth, red eyes and slower reaction times. Memory loss, anxiety and mood changes.

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