Here are 6 ways to care for your CBD cartridge

Do you find your weed oils cartridge seems to be running out more quickly than it should? Are you frustrated by the oil at the end the cartridge is emptying faster than it should?

Your hemp oil cartridge seems to be running out more quickly than it should. Here are 6 tips to care for your cart pen.

  1. Storage matters

Your CBD oil should be kept away from light and heat. The mouthpiece should be facing down so that the cartridges are upright. They should be kept in a cool, dry, and dark area.

How to care for your cartridge It all depends on the type of cartridge that you are using. Some oils also have a 90 day shelf life. Also, the vapor travels through a different chamber to reach the mouthpiece.

This is a great way to increase the life expectancy of your oil cartridge. This will prevent the oil from being heated up excessively and limit leakage.

Vaping in your trousers pocket is an affliction. These devices don’t last forever and can easily break if left on their own. You might lose it on your way to the restroom, as your lost phone.

  1. Leakages

Leaks can lead to your oil going to waste. Remember that a disposable cartridge that has been refilled, altered or altered might not be valid for a substitute.

Be sure to clean the pen that was used with the dripping oil cartridge. You should not wait too long to clean the pen. Steel cartridges can be a good choice if you prefer to vape marijuana.

3 Avoid Air Exposure

Most CBD hemp oils are shipped in sealed containers. As with light and heat, direct exposure to air can cause the breakdown of natural cannabis compounds like CBD. It is best to keep your CBD oil in the original container. However, if you must move it, ensure that the new container can hold enough space for long-term storage. For a longer shelf-life, ensure that the lid is securely closed and that the cap is fully broken off after each use.

  1. You can Light it Up

It is possible to avoid getting a high hit by reducing the thickness of your CBD/THC oil. For a few seconds, you can warm the oil by lightly running you’re lighter along with the cartridge.

The cartridge should not be heated to the point that it becomes brittle or melts. It will also work if you run the cartridge under warm water for a few seconds.

  1. Keep it Clean

If your pen doesn’t hit, check that your oil cartridge is not blocking the link between your pen and it.

To clean your pen properly, soak a cotton bud in alcohol and then wipe it clean. This will remove any deposits from the pen’s connection and kill bacteria as well.

6 Vape battery Care

As with all electronic devices, it is important to protect your battery from extreme heat and moisture. You should not use your battery if it appears to be damaged. Vape pens that aren’t made well can explode if they’re heated or compromised.

You may be able to adjust the amount of power that is being sent via the burner on some battery versions. However, we recommend keeping it at a lower voltage. Your battery may get too hot if you send out more power to the burner. This can cause oil to smolder within the cartridge and make it less efficient for you to take a hit.

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