God Invites You to the Secret Place


God invites you to visit His secret place and spend time with Him. It is worth spending time with Him in prayer and fellowship. Prayer is a powerful way to release transforming power. This is an instruction for you, as a believer. You, however, should enter your room when you pray. Close your door and pray in secret to your Father. Your Father will reward you openly if he sees. Matthew 6:6

This lesson will discuss the requirements to enter the secret place with God.

1. Find the right motivation

“And you will not be like the hypocrites when you pray.” They love to pray in the synagogues, and on the streets corners, so they can be seen by the men. They will reap their rewards, I swear. Matthew 6:5.

Make sure you are sincerely seeking the Lord’s presence. Jesus said that hypocrites love praying. Their purpose is to be heard and seen by others. They used to stand at strategic locations. They received their reward, according to the Lord.

Therefore, you are encouraged to enter your bedroom and shut the door. God, your Father, hears and sees secretly, but He rewards you openly. Make sure that your motives for praying are right. God rewards those who pray from pure motives.

God bless you as you pray for the secret plan in Jesus’ Name.

2. Maintain a loving relationship with God, your Father

“For what father of yours, if the son requests bread, will he give it to him a stone?” If he asks for fish, will he give him an egg? He will give him a scorpion if he asks for an egg. Your heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to all who ask. If you, an evil person, can give your children good gifts, what more will you be able to do for them? (Luke 11-13).

You serve a loving God who is a father to you. As a child would go to his loving father, so too should you go to Him. This is the principle that a father will give good gifts to his children if they ask. God wants you to feel happy. If you ask Him for something, He will give it. He is greater than earthly fathers, who give good gifts to their kids.

God, your Father desires to bring good things to you. Therefore, let Him be your father. Humility is key. Approach Him like a child to his father. God only gives good gifts. You should never claim that God gave you something bad. He only gives good gifts. He is a loving father. Never compare your earthly father to God if you have had a difficult experience.

You can feel the deep love of God in Jesus Christ’s Name.

3. Trust in the Lord completely

“I, myself, will call upon God and Jehovah shall save me.” Evening, morning, and noon, I will call to God and pray; He shall hear me. (Psalm 55,16-17).

Develop a trust in God as a child of God. The Psamist proclaims his faith in God. He declares that he will call upon God, and he believes God will save him. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that the Lord will hear you and save you.

Trust is the key to your salvation, Child of God. The Lord would love to hear from your. According to the Psamist, he will call on the Lord three times per day. How often do you get to know the Lord? Are you a person who enjoys talking with Him? It is a good habit to have fellowship with Him. Spend time in secret with God.

I don’t know what is bothering you today. According to the Psamist, he will cry out and pry for help. He knows that the Lord will hear him. Your cries, child of God, will be heard by the Master.

Let all your tears go right now in Jesus’ Name.

4. Do not give false fronts

“But they answered Him and He said to them: Well, Isaiah prophesied against you hypocrites. It is written that “This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.” They worship Me in vain and teach the commandments of men to others. (Mark 7:6-7).

We learn in the Gospel of Mark that God expects you to be faithful to Him. This is what God expects when you meet Him in secret. Honor God with your whole heart, not just your lips. Be honest with yourself.
Your Lord, your God, is worth your love. He is deeply concerned about you. He is a God in your heart.
In Jesus’ Name, may the Lord grant you strength to always be true to Him!


God has called you into fellowship at the secret place. He has called for you to pray. That is why He made you. You want things to be a success when you meet with God.
You will have a wonderful experience with God, your Father, and the Creator.

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